Making a Career in the Quick Lube Industry

Often this Industry is looked at as a short-term job.  We realize that is the case for some but we are thankful for many long term Team Members at Havoline Xpress Lube.

Owner & Operator, Randy Groover, had hopes of breaking that stereotype when 22 years ago he began Pro Oil Shop, Inc. dba. As Havoline Xpress Lube, Service Center & Tire Xpress.

Groover, always wanted to build a team around him that would help take the company forward further than he could.  That mentality has paid off today as many employees remain from the beginning over 20 years with the company.  We want to highlight those; Store Managers, John Campbell, Derek Long, Jim Davis, Brian Umfress and the company Operations Manager, Stephen Cantrell.

The Havoline Xpress Lube family has six more management team members that have been with the company 10-20 years.  This has been a big part of our success and builds trust with our customer as they see tenured employees taking care of their vehicles.  Though not common in the industry, Groover started from the beginning with Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, Holiday pay as well as a company matched IRA retirement plan.  As things have changed with recent legislation on Health Insurance, we have begun to see many skilled workers in our Industry wanting to come to our Team for the benefits package that others may not offer.

Make sure to visit our Careers page and fill out our online application if you are interested working in the Quick Lube Industry.

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