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My Owner’s Manual Says I Need Synthetic Oil. Is This True?

My Owner’s Manual Says I Need Synthetic Oil. Is This True?

Your Manual says your vehicle needs synthetic oil, what to do? Engines in many newer vehicles many times require synthetic oil because they have to deliver a balance of performance, fuel economy, and fuel emissions. This is to ensure that your vehicle’s engine has a long life and on average can help cut down on maintenance and repair requirements as your vehicle ages.

Our Recommendation For Your Vehicle’s Oil

Simply put, follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. If the manual is specifying synthetic oil, it’s most likely for a good reason. Not doing so could also void your vehicle’s warranty, and shorten the life of your engine.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

-Flows easier in cold weather.

-Has a higher resistance to viscosity breakdown, heat, friction, and other chemical contamination.

-Synthetic oil has longer intervals between oil changes; 7.5K – 10K miles vs. 3K for mineral oil.

-Improved fuel economy in for many engine models.

-On average longer engine life.

-Increased horsepower and torque by decreasing engine drag.


Oil Change Services we Offer – Havoline Xpress Lube & Service Center

We offer full mineral oil and synthetic oil changes. Find a location or contact us today!

Oil change Services include

  • Change engine oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Lubricate chassis as required
  • Check & fill transmission fluid (1st pint free)
  • Check & fill differential fluid (1st pint free)
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Check & fill power steering fluid
  • Check & fill window washer fluid
  • Check & fill battery as required
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check all hoses & belts
  • Check air filters
  • Check & fill radiator coolant
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • Clean windshield
  • Vacuum interior

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