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Engine Air Filter VS. Cabin Air Filter

when we began in this business some 22 years ago, the term “air filter” meant the “engine air filter”, and was just a normally checked item and discussed topic.  Beginning back to the late 90’s the Cabin Interior Air Filter was introduced in some lines of new vehicles.  Though more and more common to see Cabin Interior Filters in 2016, we often have discussions with vehicle owners that do not even know there are two filters in their vehicle. So, let us explain the difference between and Engine Air Filter and a Cabin Air Filter.

Engine Air Filter

Keeps the air going in your engine clean, filtering out dust, debris, and many other particles that try to gunk up your engine by coming through the air intake. They help especially in highly populated cities, and dusty country areas, to increase vehicle performance.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin interior air filter is designed to filter the air that comes into the vehicle that the passengers actually breathe in. Capturing exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, and bacteria to help keep passengers air safer to breathe. Vehicle owners can check their owners’ manual to see if their vehicle has such filter.

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