5 Ways a Healthy Coolant System Prevents a Vehicle Breakdown

5 Ways a Healthy Coolant System Prevents a Vehicle Breakdown

5 Ways a Healthy Coolant System Prevents a Vehicle Breakdown

The coolant system is one of the most important elements of your vehicle. It’s made up of a water pump, thermostat, radiator, radiator cap and lots of small interconnecting hoses, and all of these keep your automobile from overheating. Think of your cooling system as an air conditioner that blasts a stream of fresh air to your engine. Keeping this component well-maintained reduces breakdowns — something that could save you money and hassle. Here are five ways a healthy coolant system prevents a vehicle breakdown.

1. It Regulates Engine Temperatures

A cooling system works by absorbing heat from your vehicle’s engine and releasing it into the air. A liquid coolant makes this whole process happen. It flows through passages in your engine, then the interconnecting hoses, and then the radiator. The result? A cooler engine, which means fewer breakdowns.

2. It Identifies Other Problems With Your Vehicle

Servicing your engine’s cooling system also identifies any other problems with your vehicle. A trained professional will make sure your engine is in good working order, change the liquid coolant and provide solutions to common automobile problems.

3. It Saves You Cash on Repair Bills

A healthy coolant system is a must-have. Failure to replace your liquid coolant could result in expensive repair bills from an overheated engine. The majority of automobile manufacturers use extended-life coolant, which lasts for around 100,000 miles. However, you might need to change your coolant before this.

4. It Prevents the Build-Up of Rust and Mineral Deposits

Rust and mineral deposits can build up in your cooling system and increase the chances of a breakdown. A professional will flush your cooling system — a simple process where rust and minerals are removed — and leave it as good as new.

5. It Prevents Your Engine From Freezing Up

Maintaining a healthy cooling system stops your engine from freezing up in the winter — something that could result in a breakdown. Vehicle engine freezes are one of the biggest mechanical faults for long-distance drivers and often cause internal damage.

Looking after your coolant system prevents breakdowns and keeps your engine healthy. Visiting Havoline Xpress Lube and Service Center helps you achieve this. Our friendly staff will recommend the best quality oil changes and the latest equipment and repairs for your vehicle’s coolant system. Book an appointment at one of our centers in Tupelo, Booneville, Corinth and Muscle Shoals today!

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